So many times each year the saddest happens!

A dance studio closes…

As they close a few open and/or take their spot.  The strong well balanced studios stay a float but constantly are a struggle.  Lets face it, owning a dance studio is TOUGH.  Even if you’re in the upper 6, 7, or even 800 range, it’s still a task!

The average Dance studio has less than 250 PAYING students.  We add the “paying” section because, well, we all know we give some deals to nieces and nephews!

Going back though, a studio closes…  That really upsets me.  Even if they’re competitors to my own clients.  WHY?  If a studio closes, only about half will keep dancing.  Most of the recreational dancers will move onto another sport or activity.

“A Studio Closed…  Pump the Marketing so we can gobble up the students!”

Yes an actual client ask for me to do it.  Of course we did, morally we were not behind it BUT ANYTHING FOR THE CLIENT…  But we warned them, you will not get very many kids from this because I don’t think you Understand Your Dance Studio! 

This particular studio came to the end of it’s own story and owners decided it was the right time to retire.  They passed the torch onto someone else.  This someone else was one of those people you just know is going to run the business into the ground.  So our client saw OPPORTUNITY.

$1,290 Later…

Our client ended up with 4 kids… 4 kids paying a locked in price of $25 a month, with NO REGISTRATION FEE!  Ok do the math, add the months together and you’ll see you actually do come up with a very SMALL percentage but nothing like what she wanted.  Of course we got blamed…  But we reminded her that you 1. DO NOT Understand Your Dance Studio and 2. you DO NOT Understand Your Competitors’ Dance Studios.  They are a recreational ONLY dance studio while their competitor closing the door had a competitive company of 175 kids.  Lets agree that no kids left and went to our client’s dance school.

They DID NOT Understand Their Dance Studio

Hands down the most important item to remember when doing your budget is keep in mind your MARGINS!  Which type of dancer, out of Recreational, Dance Team, Drill Team, Pre Company, or Company, has the highest MARGIN?  If you understand that 99.99% of the time RECREATIONAL is your highest Margin winner then you might have a prosperous business.  One that is making millions and you’re sitting on a beach in Mexico sipping down one of those drinks in a pineapple with an umbrella on top.  WRONG…

You might agree that you make the most per hour per kid with Recreational but STILL you spend more time, effort, energy, and money into those company kids.

Let Dance Studio Heroes put it into perspective…



It’s crazy how Dance Companies at Dance Studios take over!  One of our clients has over 115 COMPANY classes per week offered.  They only have 37 RECREATIONAL classes.


That’s only 24% of Recreational Dance Classes!


Doing The Math

This is a particularly large studio so lets say they have 7 companies.  Each company pays on average of $225 per month.  The recreational kids tuition is $48 (This might be high for your area but we are just averaging our clients)

Calculator Time..

Average Company Gross


7 companies at about 16 class hours per company

If there are 20 kids in each company that would be a grand total of 140 Company Members!

Each company member pays a monthly tuition of $225

The Total Gross Would Be 31,500 per month

Not a Bad Deal!  Lets look at Recreational

Average Recreational Gross


If there are 20 kids in each class that would be a grand total of 740!*

Each recreational dancer pays a total of $48 per month

The Total Gross Would Be 35,520 per month

*We realize that there are students on family rates and “additional class discounts”

Ever Played Darts?



RC Comparison

You need to Understand Your Dance Studio.  That particular example of one of our clients has close to those numbers.  She has a  5.2 RC Comparison.  In other words they have 5.2x more recreational kids(R) than they do Company Members(C).  As soon as you subtract the costs of running the studio, managing, and teachers you’ll find some very fascinating discoveries.


A recreational dancer will pay $48 per month or 12$ per week.  After doing the math and factoring all of the expensive the dance studio found that the Recreational “department” of the dance studio was bringing in 6x the amount of money than the company.

Understanding Your Dance Studio!

This might be an easy phrase to say but a hard task to do.  Everyone who owns or directs a dance studio wants to have a giant company…  “who cares about the rec. class – Have 16 yr. old Kaitlyn teach them.”  Dance Studio Heroes gets it.  Little kids are cute and usually fun, but with the good company dancers you get to really throw things their way and indulge in choreography and technique.

So many dance studios have come to us for help on building their studio.  But secretly it’s not the recreational side they want larger, its the Company.  Unfortunately that isn’t how Dance Studio Heroes works, we know to “save” a studio from failing, or closing their doors, they need the “once-a-weekers”  In order to do that the dance studio owner/director always has to UNDERSTAND that.  Once that first hurdle is overcome, the real success will come!

Good luck Dance Studio Owners!

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