Its The Start Of Fall At Your Dance Studio!


The Holidays Are coming up… The second hardest time for dance studios next to summer.

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Halloween Costumes…

We all have that back room that is full of old dance costumes, props, and accessories. Every year, as studio owners, you usually end up having those couple kids that “drop” before the end of the year recital after you have already ordered their costume. Now, their recital fees should have been paid WAY in advanced but usually there are a few that slip through the cracks. Now comes the back room full of unused or gently used costumes that dont have an owner and aren’t doing you or your studio any good. Until NOW!

Its the beginning of a new dance year and you have your classes full of three – five year olds who absolutely adore their new class. Dance has become their favorite hour of the whole week. Now their mom is welcomed into the world of all things dance. She watches her daughter dance at home, in the store, and at school, any chance she can get. The only thing she wants to be for Halloween is the dancer she is in your class, but the only Halloween costumes they can find in the stores either have wings or spiders and those just aren’t going to cut it.

Hmmm the wheels start turning. Your racks and racks full of unused costumes become her new favorite place to shop, and moms too since they are already there it takes a stop off of their never ending car pool schedule.

Bring those racks out to the lobby with a big HALLOWEEN COSTUME BLOW OUT sign. When those dancers, little and older, walk past and see BRAND new costumes it will be hard for them NOT to beg to have one. Whether it does work for them for Halloween or even just add it to their dress up collection at home, your dancers will buy them!

Now you cant put the same price on them that you bought them for BUT you can get any where from $10-$30. A lot more than they were getting you collecting dust in the back closet. Oh the things we are sure you will find hiding back there you thought you would never see. Hmmmm that reminds us, what about all those old trophies and plaques you have laying back there too? Maybe a sale day for them as well? Or give them away as prizes? Think about it!

Another way to convert a customer to buying is include a jack-o’ -latern Trick or Treat bucket for their fun night as well.  One of our clients found them for a $1 at Wal-Mart.


CLICK HERE for the free “HALLOWEEN COSTUMES FOR SALE” sign… It downloads right to your computer or phone… It is print ready!  Or you can get crazy with your photoshop skills and doll it up a little more if you’d like!

Free Download!


Have a Great And Safe Halloween!


If you get a change, please let us know what you think and what works for you!  Another tip one of our clients does is displays a couple on those cheap mannequins.  She says that it seems to draw in the parents a little more.

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