We Cannot Stress It Enough…

Dance Studio Photos Are EVERYTHING!


You have less than 3 seconds to capture a dancer or parent’s eye to get them to read your content… CONTENT IS KEY, yes!  But the images are what brings them in!  We had a client that increased their baby program by 200% when we switched her images!  AMAZING!


Is where your audience is at…  Well and SNAPCHAT (but half of studio owners don’t know this app lol)

Each post is scrolled through really quickly by the “reader”…  Come on you know this.  During your social media “play” time you just sub consciously go into your vegetable state and let your finger do the work.  Your scroll until something grabs you…  It’s an image!

Tweets with images receive 18% more clicks, 89% more favorites and 150% more retweets.

Photograph Content:

Are photos really all that important? Isn’t a good description of what we offer sufficient? You don’t want what is “just okay”. You want to shine. Stand out from your competitors. A photograph on your website that represents what you do is good. A picture that represents your website and makes your viewer go “awe, that’s so adorable”, is great. You want great!

What is a Great Photograph?

A great photograph tells about your site AND it evokes an emotional response.

Here’s two examples of pictures you could choose to place on your website:

  1. A pair of ballet slippers dangling as if filled by an invisible dancer.
  2. A five year old girl wearing a tutu attempting to stand on her toes. Her expression is a mixture of concentration and pure joy. Pursed lips and laughing eyes show that she is serious about dancing and having the time of her life at the same time.

Which example do you want to convey about your dance studio?

If you didn’t choose number two, we need to have serious heart to heart. Of course, you chose the second example. You chose it because you know when a parent sees that picture they are going to feel all warm and cozy inside. That’s what you want; you want your visitor to “feel” and connect.

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 7.44.42 AM


Photographs portray your studio…  Have a mixture of different photos!

Take for example one of our clients Club Dance in Mesa, Arizona.  They have roughly 1500-2500 visitors a day to their website!!!  YES A DAY!  That is will ZERO money being spent on advertisement.  We’ll have a blog at later date of how they bring in so many visitors.

Here we’ll explain their second banner… It’s a cute hip hop girl… portraying the hip hop scene, along with other amazing dancers illustrating multiple styles of dance!

Did you even read the content?  I bet you are now…  It says something “salesy” like check out our amazing Club Dance Company… with a link!  Very important to follow everything up with a destination.  If they reach their final destination follow it with a “Contact Us”  Much like the bottom of this blog!

Where are the little kids?  No worries, they’re on slide 1 in a video!  YES VIDEO IS EVEN BETTER than photos…


Dance Connection 2

Club Dance Studio

Centre Stage Dance Studio

Where Should You Put That Great Photograph


Dance Studio Heroes’ Artists In Action

Put your most appealing photo on the home page. This is the page where visitors typically land first. You want to hook them right out of the gate. But don’t forget about your other pages, they’re important too. You want these to reflect the theme of the page itself. On the “About Us” page, you may want to get a high quality photo of an entire class or a performance. On your page for lessons for fifteen year olds, get a great picture of one of your dancers in that age group. And so on …

This is a great beginning for a website that draws the interest of your visitors and captures their heart. You touch their heart and they will remember you and be drawn to your dance studio.


Stop using Google images!  It’s illegal (no one is coming after you) and the dancers ARE NOT YOURS!  We are proud to say that 100% of all our clients use their own dancers!

Of course you can hire photographers to come in and take photographs for you but any mom with a camera, in the right place at the right time, can capture something great.


We (Dance Studio Heroes) go one step further and set up custom photoshoots for the entire year, annually for our clients.  For instance coming up we are doing a photoshoot for Club Dance that will include photographs for Halloween, XMAS, New Years, and any other events they may have.

We will include those photos in the marketing!  Much like this cute girl in the “Happy Halloween” Flyer.  That turned into a poster for the studio, Instagram Post, Facebook Post, Website Banner, and delivered via email marketing.  It has no CTA (Call To Action), just an informal schedule of upcoming events.

It looks cute and grabs people’s attention!




If you need pictures of your studios, students, or even the dance company, please contact us!

Here at Dance Studio Heroes our business is to make sure your Dance Studio is a success. We want to see your dance floor filled with aspiring students. We can ensure your success because of our vast experience in Inbound Internet Marketing. Our team of professionals are made up of marketing experts who also understand your Dance Studio Needs. Let us put our expertise to work for You.

Dance Studio Heroes is here to help you design a website with photographs that shine. Contact Us today and turn your website into a hub for aspiring dancers.

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