Marketing For Dance Studios IS NOT EASY!

In fact its nearly impossible for a dance studio to do everything right by themselves... Its just too hard!

Dance Studio Heroes has the proven techniques to MAKE YOUR STUDIO SHOWCASE it’s talents!


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Not getting 50 contacts a month

Not #1 on Google

Pictures And Videos Are Horrible

No Mobile Site

Do Not Have A Contact Form On Website

Competitors Are Growing Larger

A Client Runs The Dance Studio Website

Don't Have Time To Run The Studio, Teach, And Do A Website

Jake McWilliams delivers results period! I’ve watched him help local studios get more dancers and traffic than anyone else.  He completely understands the dance world AND the online world. You should seriously call him if you want someone who can truly help you grow your dance studio. He’s the real deal.

Jared Kimball


Every CLIENT - No Matter The size - Gets The WHOLE SHIBANG!

Each one of our clients takes full advantage of our full marketing, website, media, social, and content skills!

Website Design

How your website looks, reads, and functions are more important than you may understand. Good website design will increase your traffic and decrease your bounce rate. A poorly designed, visually unappealing, or slow website usually causes visitors to “bounce” off your site and move on to a different site. The gist of it is you cannot afford a poor website design.

Logo Design

Logos are an important part of your overall business strategy. Simply put, logos can set you apart from your competitors because they represent your business. Think of Nike, when you see the Nike logo you know who it is and what they offer. However, logos take time to imprint on the average person. Nike spends millions of dollars on marketing campaigns every year to keep their logo in public thought.

Social Media

Social media is a tool growing businesses are discovering is vital to their success. It is NOT a medium you should use to sell your product; that’s what your website is for. However, social media is a place where consumers, potential clients, can learn about your business through sharing. And when you share valuable content, whether it is video or written content, people share it with their friends.

Content Creation

Creating quality content through a blog on your website is the most important tool you need to utilize to grow your business. Quality content engages your potential customer, builds trust, creates organic backlinks, and enhances SEO. Creating quality content is not easy. Writers need to know about your business, understand your business lingo, and be good writers.


SEO or search engine optimization is the most important ingredient for your website. The bottom line is when someone is searching for a dance studio, over 90 percent of those people are going to click on one of the top 3 results. If your website falls on the second or fifth page of the results, then your website remains hidden, invisible to your potential clients. There are many strategies that need to be incorporated into your website to maximize your SEO.


Are photos really all that important? Isn’t a good description of what we offer sufficient? You don’t want what is “just okay”. You want to shine. Stand out from your competitors. A photograph on your website that represents what you do is good. A picture that represents your website and makes your viewer go “awe, that’s so adorable”, is great. You want great!


Cisco Systems predicts that online video usage by consumers will double by 2015 to 1.5 billion. And the total number of online videos watched will quadruple. The bottom line is video usage is growing and growing fast. Video allows your dance studio to share real life information about your business that words cannot convey. People love to watch a well-made video. They can learn more from a video about the feel and environment of your studio than they can with a written description.


A good marketing plan should include advertising. When a business is deciding whether or not to use outbound marketing or inbound marketing, some things to consider are cost and approach. Outbound marketing, which includes mailings, television, radio, and movie theaters is targeting an audience that may not want to hear about your services. Inbound marketing, which includes advertising like Google Adwords targets people who have expressed an interest in your services.


Building your brand is important because it helps establish trust. Your potential clients are much more likely to sign up for dance lessons with a company who’s brand matches their business. Branding helps your clients remember who you are and what you offer.  If you don’t know, then you need to begin to establish an inbound marketing plan that includes creating your unique brand.


Although printed materials is not the best use of your marketing budget, having printed materials is important for certain uses. When a customer comes through your door, it is a good idea to give them a brochure or other handout that they can read through later or share with a friend. For upcoming recitals or lessons enrollment, a well-designed and well-written flyer to pin up at local grocery stores or other public locations is a great way to spread the word.

Email Marketing

Email marketing is an important aspect of your overall marketing plan because it can potentially build trust and relationships with your client demographic. We say “potentially”, because if email marketing isn’t handled carefully and appropriately it can have lasting devastating results.


Many studios are trying to do what they did last year.  The day in day out routines that are the exact same.  Unfortunately your dancers are not the same they used to be.  You have to evolve!  But WHERE DO I START…  Contact us at Dance Studio Heroes, and one of our staff members will walk you through some easy fixes that can get you on the SUCCESSFUL path.

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