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Is Your Studio Website A Mistakes?

Dance Studio Heroes gives you the 10 Most Common Mistakes Dance Studios Make!

Read our list below to check for these common yet costly flaws that CAN BE FIXED!

1.  Always Be Full Out

Does your website look fierce on a cell phone?

Not only does your studio website need to function on a phone or tablet, it needs to look just as good on a smaller mobile screen as it does on a computer screen

2.  Bad Technique

Is your studio website portraying a sloppy message?

If you want award-winning competition routines, you clean them up.  I might be time to check for incorrect spelling and maybe a proof read once or twice.  Try new pictures too.

3.  Tilt Tuesdays

Are you forgetting to include your dance fans?

1 out of every 5 people on the earth has a Facebook page.  It would be a mistake if you didn’t link your social media with your studio’s website!  Don’t forget Instagram and Pinterest.

4.  Don’t Miss Rehearsal?

Did you take some time to run any tests?

Do your links work?  Test your links and make sure they aren’t dead ends.  Test the design on multiple browsers: Chrome, Firefox, and yes, even I.E. (Internet Explorer)

5.  Too Many Tricks

Does your content repeat itself or sound too “salesy”?

Using dance keywords is essential but using too many of them could mean disqualification.  Keyword stuffing is not necessary for anyone, not to mention the judges from Google hate.

6.  Easy Transitions

Does your site guide the new dance mom?

Dance Parents stay on the site on an average of only twenty seconds.  If they cannot find the information they came for they will simply back out and move on to another dance studio.

7.  Rockstar Content

Does your website have “sickled” feet?

Create content that the average dance parent will want to know, answer any and all questions, and make sure your competitor cannot say the same about themselves.  Are you different?  How?

8.  Contact Us

Is your site allowing dance parents to contact you.

Good “Website Technique” is only half of the pie…  Make sure your parents can contact you easily so they can register or ask for more information they might need.

9.  Dance videos

Is there a video of your dancers or studio on your website?

Its been scientifically proven that video (over photos, graphics, and content) will keep dancers on a site longer than any other function.  It helps with Dance Studio SEO rank as well.

10.  Rhinestones & More

Who is going to your site?

Whatever dancer type comes to your site be sure to adjust colors, pictures, content, etc, to accommodate the majority.  I t will result in more dancers joining your dance studio.

What if you could get an entire dance studio website with professional photos, design, written content, local SEO, social media, marketing, branding, and more…


*Our Team has over 40 years of recreational, competitive, and touring dance experience.

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