Dance Studios Need Snapchat!


“Isn’t that the bad app that teenagers use to send photos?”

YES! But so does McDonalds, Taco Bell, NBA, HBO, and more.

Why isn’t your dance studio using it???

Dance Studio Heroes probably fills in the answer for you with A. Don’t have one & B. Don’t know how to use it.

SNAPCHAT IS A MUST for Dance Studios.

Dance-Studio-Heroes-Snapchat-iconMany marketers, including Dance Studio Heroes, will tell you when it comes to social media, find out where everyone is and GO FISHING. Not the bad phishing but go after your target market based on where they are.

Dance Studio Heroes has found that adults hang out on Facebook and kids hang out on Instagram.  And… Snapchat

Now while you probably have a Facebook for your Dance Studio, owners and directors are catching up with Instagram. Keep pushing you need a SNAPCHAT for you Dance Studio!

So…What is Snapchat?

In a few words we describe it as Instagram with time limits on the photos. Snapchat also doesn’t have a bank of other photos you’ve uploaded. 1 profile, 1 picture/video. There are other specs but for the time being Snapchat is interactive Instagram with time limits.

Snapchat is different though.


Users are now interactive with the image or video… It’s broken down like this… “A Snapchat picture, or snap, is only available for a set time limit, from 1 to 10 seconds, once the user opens it. However, the new Snapchat Stories feature allows items to be available for up to 24 hours” – Social Media Examiner

NEED MORE HELP???  Here is a great break down of Snapchat and how it all works.

How Do I Use It For My dance Studio

Eric Sormoso Of Social media Examiner breaks down how snapchat will help you in 5 different approaches. We tailored them to Dance Studios.

1.  Reward Your Dancer With A Coupon:

Reward a dancer who does a certain milestone, (4 pirouettes, they’re first ariel, splits) with a coupon or code and them redeem it by showing the front desk. They get something for that. This takes the place of the little poster board and stickers.

2. Gain New Dancers With Offers And Giveaways:

In courage dancers from your Facebook, email marketing, website, Twitter, Instagram to add your Snapchat brand to get their friends to add you as well.  ***remember always use custom hashtags so you can track your Snapchap analytics***

3. Take Dancers With You Behind The “Stage”:

With Snapchat’s new “Stories” feature you can really introduce the public to your brand! Take competition or recital for example, build a story with photos or video from the rhinestone party, prop making, rehearsal, dress rehearsal, show, behind the stage, make up, and whatever else you think people would watch. And believe us, PEOPLE WILL WATCH THEM!

4. Offer a New Product From Your Studio:

a. Product to a dance studio can be conceived as numerous different things, but let us agree that it is a NEW CLASS. Since the average age on Snapchat is 13-25, probably showcasing a new “baby” class isn’t worth the while. But add a an advanced stretching class for High School students might ad the trick! b. So again use a photo of an ad you’ve made, or a “story” and cater it to something new you are offering at your dance studio

5. Share Upcoming Dance Related Events:

Keep dancers and your fans up to date with Holidays, last minute changes, rehearsal, shows, etc.


If used correctly Snapchat can really raise the bar for Dance Studios and their social marketing.

Other 6 Great Tips and Tricks for Snapchat is a great place to start to get the feel for the app!

Good luck with this and post your success below, we’d love to hear about it! And as always Contact Dance Studio Heroes if you have any questions regarding Snapchat, Social Media, or Marketing as whole!

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