Core Values

Dance Studio Heroes Core Values

CEO Jake McWilliams was aware that many companies, over 60%, fail within the first few years of being open.  Marketing and website companies are exactly the same… And so are Dance Studios!

And So Are Dance Studios

“I remember in my early twenties I think some 30% of dance studios in my local region closed.  At the time you blame it on bad teachers or other studios in their area taking kids but now, its all about their marketing.  At the end of the day Dance Studio Owners are Business owners and they need to feed their family too.  I finally separated myself from the competition side of the dance studio – “the who’s better than us or them attitude” was taken out.  I realized that in any average local area, say 5 square miles you’re looking at roughly 10,000 kids.  If you dip into roughly 3% of that you’re at 300 kids.  Not hard to do with the right marketing!”

Dance Studio Heroes invented the right formula for every studio to follow.  This will allow them to produce great results with high increases in dancers.  In order to stay neutral in this very competitive scene we developed our own Core Values.  We essentially made up a new category of dance business – it starts with respect, judgement free, and loyalty.  Dance Studio Heroes wants every dance teacher and owner to know that we’re here for them – FINALLY – someone is there for them and puts them first!

Dance Studio Heroes 10 Core Values:

  1. Work with only 5% of the dance community, help the 95% others for free.  Too many people to count on one hand has helped each and everyone of us to succeed – FOR FREE!  This is number 1 on the Core Value List because this is what got our CEO and all of the employees to where they are at.  A lot of this credit goes to dancers and everyone else’s teachers and mentors.
  2. Have belief in your clients & their businesses.  CEO Jake McWilliams started this company with two clients – Those clients are still with us today.  Jake believed in them and wanted them to succeed.  He pushed them even when they were tired from the weekend of competition, but with all of that hard work, systems were put in place and these two clients are enjoying their success!
  3. Commit to something and see it through.  Dance Studio Heroes WILL NOT ABANDON you!  We are in it for the long haul!  Remember, we’re the heroes and we’re here to help your dance studio become massively successful.
  4. Be a master of learning.  Being a apart of a very quick moving company is hard to become used to.  Dance Studio Heroes invites all dance teachers and studio owners to of course never stop dancing.  But we instill the idea to never stop learning!  Dance Studio Heroes especially wants to push all factors of the dance art so that you can be more financially successful.
  5. Love what you’re doing.  It’s a fact, dancers are a very rare breed.  One of the hiring qualifications is the sheer knowledge you must have of dance.  Its a language in its self.  Every marketing company Dance Studio Heroes has run into in the dance industry are usually Marketing and Website Gurus trying to be dancers.  Here we are dancers that just so happen to be a guru ourselves!  It’s a fantastic feet to conquer – To help a dancer, parent, teacher, and even the owner succeed at something in the dance industry is very rewarding.
  6. Be a direction changer.  Dance Studio Heroes does not wait for the industry to change before making a change.  We are not the caboose of the dance marketing world.  We have proven systems and techniques that will definitely change your dance studio for the better.  We have a 100% satisfaction rate thus far.
  7. Over deliver.  We will never give our customers and clients a dollars worth of services.  Dance Studio Heroes will always go above and beyond for them so that not only are they happy but deep down inside they know we truly are heroes.  We have to hold to our name!
  8. Succeed by their success.  We do not want to succeed because you pay us a monthly bill.  Dance Studio Heroes wants to have their dance studio directors and owners to grow 20, 30, 40 percent larger than before.  Success is our number one game plan!
  9. Be humble.  Every where in the world there are very out spoken companies, dance included, about how they’re the best, favorite, etc., etc., etc.  With that attitude, especially in the dance industry, it creates competition.  And although some competition is a good thing, this usually results in a negative outcome.  Dance Studio Heroes prides its self on being humble.  Just like Superman – you never know who he actually is until the shirt comes ripping off and out comes the man in blue.  Thats us.  Here to save your dance marketing troubles any time every time.
  10. Express Yourself.  The owner of the Heroes will gladly tell you his experience with the teacher that really started the whole climb of success he has had thus far.  Gregory Hines, CEO Jake McWilliams’s mentor, always told him to, “express yourself.”  It’s last on the core value sheet because well as anyone would say, save the best for last.  Each member of Dance Studio Heroes is hired for all of these great core values above.  But the deciding factor is if the rookie Hero can express themselves in the company and help mold the company in something spectacular.

It’s no real surprise that Dance Studio Heroes has 10 outstanding Core Values.  We live by these as if they were our bible.  All of these great ideas and phrases virtually cover the entire ideology of the Heroes and what we’re about.  We developed these as a team and always kept the end of the equation in mind – YOU!