Dance Studio Heroes DOES NOT FAIL

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No other dance studio service business in the entire United States has the means and talent that we have.


If you must know what we do, below is the list of amazing things we have done for our clients… These are actual REAL numbers!

Our Dance Studios Combined…

Number Of New Students That Have Joined Our Studios

WOW! So many dancers, young, older, beginning, advanced have passed through our studio’s websites and have converted to actual paying customers. It’s exciting to know that number equates to over 1.9 million dollars to clients we are currently working with.

A Client in Mesa, Arizona…

  • First Month 50%
  • Second Month 70%
  • Third Month 97%
This studio DOUBLED their clients in under 3 months!

From Big To Bigger…


Yet another dance studio that came to us with a problem… I can’t grow anymore… I’ve tried everything. They were WRONG that day, they never tried Dance Studio Heroes.

You Want Dancers To Your Site???



We couldn’t believe the movement we had with the amount of traffic we had on this SINGLE website OPENING DAY… 4500 people came to the site… Over 80 people contacted them for more information!

This Particular Dance Studio Has in the upwards of 800 people going to their site each and every day!


We cannot stress to how much we admire your work to dancers... That is why we try as hard as we do, so more kids get the chance to dance.

Full feature dance marketing agency that exceeds all other companies in website design, video production, photography, graphic design, and overall marketing.
We have the answers you have waited for when it comes to dance studio business and life.
When you’re apart of DSH you receive 100% FREE advice, tricks, and proven techniques to make your dance studio a LARGER success!
And the most important thing… You succeed, have more time, and feel great about the decision you’ve made.

 What Do I Do?

Note from the CEO-

Hey guys – I know what you’re going through.  Being a son to a studio owner, a studio that has seen high amount of kids, and has witnessed “close your door” numbers.  My mom’s place has been open for over 20 years!  It’s thriving now with the systems and PROBLEM SOLVING techniques my team and I have put into place!  Suggestions for you…

  • Find a team to help you – you CANNOT do it yourself…  For a very long time I saw my own mother just fall in the pit of failure.
  • Keep everything under 1 roof – Company A, B, C, D, and E all doing something differently will be extremely hard to manage.  
  • Find a team that can walk the walk, and talk the talk!  Anyone can build a website, trust me even you can!  But Not everyone can dance!

Good luck with your adventure!  Take your time and read all of our free stuff to help you!  Our free blog is one of our visitors’ favs!  Good luck trying to find a topic we don’t talk about! – As always just drop me, or my staff an email to answer any questions.  -Jake